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Children's Dental Anesthesia Initiative has provided anesthesia to Northern California's most respected and well known pediatric dentists for over 25 years! We are a group of board certified fellowship trained pediatric anesthesiologists recognizing the need to bring safe anesthetic practice into the offices of pediatric dentists for the benefit of all children. Our group members have testified in front of the California legislature in order to raise awareness of what the SAFE practice of pediatric dental sedation/anesthesia should be. In addition, our members participated in webinar based education to ensure that we follow COVID safe practices in office.

Dental Anesthesia

Inspiration for this mission came from the many children who were suffering through multiple painful and traumatic visits to address their failing oral health. As became evident many of the situations were evolving into challenging and even dangerous scenarios. We wanted to make our experience with high level monitoring techniques, modern anesthetic intervention, and evidence based outcomes available beyond the expensive and often unwelcoming environment of the hospital.

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